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AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

6th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do Master

This page will be dedicated to self defense tips and video clips showing practical, simple, effective self defense moves. 

While I strongly believe that self defense should be practiced as one integrated piece of a martial arts program, I also believe that knowing how to do even one basic kick, punch or block may be enough to save your life.   

Let's start with a few practical tips.

1) Stay "in the moment."  I know as a busy working mom myself that I am often distracted.  However, if you are walking to your car after work, in the mall or at the supermarket    try not to be distracted.  Look around.  Who's next to you, behind you and in front of you.  While walking to your car, do not use your cell phone and have your keys in hand.

2) When in doubt, shout!  Don't be afraid of looking foolish. If you feel someone is too close to you or following you or making you feel uncomfortable, use your voice. Students in martial arts classes are taught to "keyop" or make a loud yell when they strike. This forces you to breathe, focuses you and frightens your opponent.  The same holds true on the street -- a loud yell from you will have the same effect on your would-be attacker.

3) Be mentally prepared to defend yourself. If you are grabbed or attacked, don't freeze up.  Kick, scream, punch, twist and try to run.  Attackers do not want a confrontation.